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Witt’z End Technologies

Witt'z End Technologies

If you were looking for Witt’z End Technologies, you found the right place…sort of. While this site had been previously focused on working with small and medium-sized business clients to deploy flexible information technology aligned with business strategy, it is now tending to other aspects of life. Fun mostly. If you want more details on what I’m up to these days, please check out the About section of the site.

I have made a concerted effort to pull along the old Weblog content. Some of the permalinks have changed, but it’s all still here. If you haven’t read any of them in a while (or at all), you may want to check out some of the stuff in thinking_out_loud, the_new_unix, or tech_tips category sections. Some of my personal favorites are, “Rule 13, and Rule 14: Leadership at its Core“, “Strategic Lessons from Chess“, and “Hunting a Rogue DHCP Server“.

Poke about. Say, “hi”. Ask questions, if you like. Most of all, enjoy!