Good Read: The Great Siege: Malta 1565

Traveling often provides you with opportunities to read, but rarely does it offer good guidance on what to read. A marvelous exception jumped out with my January trip to Malta. As the three of us on the trip stole a little time one afternoon to explore the sites and enjoy an exceptional meal, we each posted some pictures to our social network streams. Matt, the Solutions Architect on the trip, heard back from one of his friends within minutes of his post… Continue reading

Review: “Open Source for the Enterprise: Managing Risks Reaping Rewards”

It is no secret…I think Open Source Software can be of tremendous value to some organizations, but up until quite recently, books on the subject tended to focus more on the tools than on the business cases in which value might be realized. This is probably quite typical when innovators and early adopters of technology try to impart the value to others…the message tends to contain information that is “cool” rather than truly valuable from an evaluation standpoint.

Woods and Guliani’s Open Source for the Enterprise: Managing Risks Reaping Rewards is a refreshing departure from the norm in books covering Open Source technologies for business. It clearly dissects the subject of Open Source, providing useful business-level processes organizations can put to work immediately to evaluate the viability of F/OSS tools for their organization. Regardless of your current stance on Open Source, pro or con, this text may be an eye-opener…and may even change your decision-making paradigm on the subject.

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