• Driving_in_rain

    Safe Driving in the Rain

    As someone who enjoys driving in almost any weather condition, I am always reminded during the first good storm of the year (sometimes in some scary ways) that not everyone shares that enjoyment. Poor visibility, poorly maintained vehicles, unexpected roadway … Continue reading

  • Catch_the_moment

    The Next Few Moments…

    I like questions that inspire thought. A Facebook friend just recently posted, “Anybody else know what they’re really doing? Asking for a friend…”. The answer that danced to the tip of my tongue with little thought might surprise even the … Continue reading

  • unbound-250

    Unbound…A Truer Word Has Never Described Software

    Very occasionally a tool or software package stands-out to me on the pure virtue of being the right solution at the right time. If it happens to do exactly what you need RIGHT NOW, and other, perhaps more traditional, mature … Continue reading

  • Rocketfish

    Rockin’ Out Wirelessly with Bluetooth

    A while back I did extensive research (even for me) on desktop speakers, and found amazing quality at a price that was still affordable in the Studiophile AV40 kit from M-Audio. Great for a multimedia production machine, or any other … Continue reading

  • Malta-1565

    Good Read: The Great Siege: Malta 1565

    Traveling often provides you with opportunities to read, but rarely does it offer good guidance on what to read. A marvelous exception jumped out with my January trip to Malta. As the three of us on the trip stole a … Continue reading

  • linode-rampage

    Linode On-Demand Server to Replace My Dedicated Hosted Server

    As we finally got our web hosting clients migrated to using cloud services for communication (read: Google Apps) and more flexible publishing environments for web hosting (read: WordPress), I was left with a decent monthly expense for a Linux box … Continue reading

  • 2FA

    Two-Factor Authentication: “What?” and “How?”

    With all the press about the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability in the news, you probably don’t need another recount of why this is a big deal. If you’ve been following closely, you’re probably a bit freaked-out, and at the very least, … Continue reading

  • 2014-03-22 11.54.35_cw_ax

    AX Season is Upon Us

    For the uninitiated, AX is short-hand for autocross. “What is autocross?”, you may ask. Autocross is a timed motorsports competition in which drivers navigate one at a time through a course (usually) laid out with traffic cones in an open space, … Continue reading

  • Tasker for Android

    Tasker for Android

    Most Android devices, Smart Phones and tablets alike, come with some built-in capabilities for automating different types of tasks. Useful lifestyle enhancers, like being able to set periods of time where notifications and sounds will not interrupt your sleep, turning … Continue reading

  • WordPress Theme Customization

    The “Perfect” Look-and-Feel with a WordPress.com Hosted Premium Theme

    As part of my work to update the website look-and-feel, close off some old server infrastructure, and reduce service provider costs, I moved wittzend.com to WordPress.com as its new platform. I had used WordPress as a blogging platform on-and-off for … Continue reading

Witt’z End Technologies…sort of

Welcome to our new home!

Witt'z End Technologies

If you were looking for Witt’z End Technologies, you found the right place. Although, our focus is a bit different these days. While this site had been previously focused on working with small and medium-sized business clients to deploy flexible information technology aligned with business strategy, it is now targeted at looking in on other aspects of life. Fun mostly. If you want more details on what I’m up to these days, please check out the About section of the site.

I have made a concerted effort to pull along the old Weblog content. Some of the permalinks have changed, but it’s all still here. If you haven’t read any of them in a while (or at all), you may want to check out some of the stuff in thinking_out_loud, the_new_unix, or tech_tips category sections. Some of my personal favorites are, “Rule 13, and Rule 14: Leadership at its Core“, “Strategic Lessons from Chess“, and “Hunting a Rogue DHCP Server“.

Poke about. Say, “hi”. Ask questions, if you like. Most of all, enjoy!


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