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Screen-capture movies article highlights cool utils…

It seems that almost every time I turn around, I am amazed all over again by the flexibility of OpenSource tools. This time I happened across an article published on O’Reilly’s site called“Making Screen-Capture Movies”. It detailed an innovative use ofImageMagick, the X utility, xwininfo, and bash to create movies and/or animated gifs for documenting processes. Although none of the steps shown in the article are earth-shattering, they are a wonderful example of how much power one has at the desktop for undertaking the difficult job of supporting end-users of computer systems. Power, I must admit, even I sometimes take for granted.

To add the topper on this, the discussions in the forum at the conclusion of the article brought to light current uses of vncrec andtranscode to create continuous motion screen-capture movies with included audio. I’ve begun playing, so look for some “documentaries” to begin showing up on my sites soon.



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