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Multitasking Requires the Ability to Multitask

Those that know me well will tell you, few things make me crazier than having to witness people attempt to do things they are fully incapable of doing. I’m not just being mean here…I’m an instructor, and I enjoy seeing people challenge their preconceived notions of who they are, and the things they are capable of doing. I do, however, draw a line in the sand watching someone nearly run me off the road while trying to smoke a cigarette, eat breakfast, talk on the phone…and DRIVE.

I was almost wrecked by someone talking on the phone getting on the freeway this morning. Seems the conversation she was having conveniently from her car was not only impairing her ability to signal to make a lane change, but was inhibiting the ability to make the decision to change lanes until almost too late…unfortunately, I was already where she was deciding to go. Thank goodness for competition brakes. 🙂

The second idiot, a guy in a big 4×4 truck (the kind that is reallyuseful in suburban commute traffic), was talking a mile-a-minute to whoever was on the other end of the line. He was also eating something as he swerved in-and-out of his own lane. Much to my joy, shock, and horror, he flicked a cigarette out of his window after a bit, which then bounced off the hood of my car. To say nothing of “oooh”, I couldn’t figure out how he was holding the phone, his food, his cigarette, and the wheel. I guess he wasn’t…thus the swerving.

Basic rule: If you’re driving, please just drive. If (and only if) you’re an exceptional driver, go ahead and talk on your phone (with a headset), or very carefully drink a cup of coffee. Don’t try to do three or four things at once. Be safe…don’t kill me!

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