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Correction: network-admin in Ubuntu

In my review of Ubuntu Linux 6.06 the other day, I mistakenly gave credit to the Ubuntu Team for the “Networking” applet (a.k.a. network-admin) I enjoyed so much. While it is probable Ubuntu contributed some code to create the proper “fit” for the version of the tool included with their recent release, the rightful credit for producing this useful tool should go to the Gnome Desktop developers. network-admin is part of the Gnome System Tools package, and is included along with several distros that use the Gnome Desktop. I had just not seen the current rev of the tool until my recent experience with Ubuntu. I guess I need to “get out” more.

My attribution error does not diminish the value of Ubuntu, or of the network-admin tool. I just wanted to clear up any confusion or ill will I may have generated.



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