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Wittz End Radio Live(ish)

I made a vague reference to Icecast and Internet radio broadcasting in my last post. I’m mostly just playing around with one of my oldest, and favorite hobbies…you know, in all my spare time. As part of testing, I have dug-up my old “WET Pod Foo” podcasts from 2006 and am broadcasting them in a continuous loop now. There is only about 8.5 hours of pre-recorded content in these old podcasts, but it is better content (in my opinion) than the old test pattern loop we used at the college radio station in the early 90s during hours of non-operation.

As I continue to play, and contemplate getting my licensing up-to-date for being able to stream music again, am looking for feedback. What kinds of content would engage you? Please help me out with the poll below.

Feel free to give a listen to the stream in its present state (if you don’t mind content that is somewhat dated, or want to make fun of your nerdy friend). Please be sure to report back any technical difficulties so I can work out any bugs in the delivery system. Comments on the content quality will be directed to /dev/null. 🙂


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